Women's Ladies Top Handle Tote Bag Handmade Vintage Embossed Shoulder Bag Handbag HUIZUMEI

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Product Name: Ladies Top Handle Tote Bag handmade Vintage embossed shoulder bag handbag Material:First layer of leather Color?brown Weight:0.81kg About the product? 1, The bag uses embossing process, unique, feel comfortable 2, The bag has Retro leather color, add sense of fashion 3, In the bag,exquisite first layer of leather with retro hardware accessories 4, In the portable parts, bold thickening, more effort 5?How to maintain the leather bag ?1?Keep your Oil wax cowhide product away from WATER, OIL STAINS; because Oil wax cowhide has strong Water absorption and oil adsorption. ?2? When genuine leather is taken out for long time, its interior will bring moisture from outside. You should place it to dry and ventilated place to prevent the breeding of bacteria, also,you can put some desiccant to maintain dryness and quality. ?3?If the surface of Oil wax cowhide product has Slight scratch, just used soft cloth clean it repeatedly.

• 1, The bag is 100% pure leather, the first layer of leather, feel comfortable, durable
• 2, The bag has practical shoulder strap, shoulder sewing, beautiful and practical
• 3, The bag has Large capacity pocket, can accommodate variety of objects
• 4, The bag use metal hardware, strong wear-resistant
• 5, The bag is high-quality zipper, teeth dense, durable