Women's Plum Woven Shopping Tote With Handles Swahili Modern

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Swahili Modern
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This durable tote is handwoven in Ghana using tough elephant grass that has colorful diamond detail dyed with non-coated plant dyes. It features soft leather-wrapped handles for comfort.The totes are tightly woven and can stand up to years of usage while still remaining beautiful. Measures L x W x T.The weaving of "market baskets" in Ghana has been traditional skill for many generations. Because the soil around Bolgatanga is not fertile enough to sustain agriculture, the people of the region rely upon handicraft products to supplement their income. The Bolga baskets sold by Swahili Modern are Fair Trade and are reliable source of income for women weavers and their families.Swahili Modern works directly with artisans in over 10 African countries to bring you handmade, original designs. All of our products are fair trade certified by the Fair Trade Federation, and our artisans are fairly compensated. For limited time only, all orders ship with free gift! Gifts will vary and include items such as shea butter lip balm, soapstone box, or safari pocket mirror. One free gift per order. This small gift is our way of saying thank you for supporting fair trade in Africa.

• Handmade in Africa
• Fair trade
• Measures L x W x T.
• Ships with free gift

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