Men's Belt With Automatic Belt Troy

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[belt maintenance]: With toothbrush with little soapy water, quickly wash dirty place, with damp cloth to wipe. In order to avoid soap and water Into the cortex, the whole process should be completed within 20 seconds. In addition, consumers can apply Leather Watchband in oil, leather Oil has protective effect on the watchband, can make the maintenance more complete. When the belt is worn for long time, in addition to will produce peculiar smell, "Hardening" is also common symptom. If the belt is usually in humid environment will accelerate the hardening speed of it, also sweat Erosion of cortex, will make the belt deformation, hardening and fracture, so in addition to the usual good maintenance, in the hardening belt Do not go to the twists and turns, timely replacement of the belt is also necessary. With little money in exchange for beautiful and pleasant appearance, and To avoid unnecessary losses, shoot two hawks with one arrow, Why not?? your comfort is the belt of attraction, but Paul Not easy is also big trouble. Consumers are advised to wear belt in the winter, summer or sports are easy to sweat, can not wear on No, if you really want to wear will wipe the sweat and then put on, in order to extend the period of use of leather watchband.