Men's Quack Attack Tab Belt In By CCPFDBG-32 (fits size 30 pant) Country Club Prep

main image of Country Club Prep Quack Attack Tab Belt In By CCPFDBG-32 (fits size 30 pant)
Product info:

CCP's Quack Attack belt features five ducks, none of which bear any resemblance to the McDucks of Ducktales fame. Perfect for the sportsman and prep alike, this is great and versatile belt that lets people know that you either (1) know how to handle shotgun or (2) enjoy foie gras in tasteful moderation. Or both. We sought out the best belt maker we could find - one who already makes belts for many well-known preppy brands - in an effort to cut out the middleman to save you, our valued CCP customer, money, while still delivering the highest quality belt.

• Grosgrain Ribbon on 1 1/ Cotton Woven Canvas Backing
• Top Quality British Square Brass Buckle
• Fine Yellow Feathered Edge Stitching
• Handwaxed Nubuck Leather Tabs
• BE SURE TO ORDER your belt 2 INCHES LARGER than your pant/waist size. For example, if you have 34 inch waist, you would choose 36 inch belt.

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