Men's Reversible Hemp-like Kaku-obi Men’s Stiff Sash With Stripes, Made By Japan Kiryu Fabric

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Traditional Kaku-obi(men's stiff sash) with innovations, made by Kiryuu textiles -Reversible hemp-like Kaku-obi (men's stiff sash) with stripes, made by Kiryuu textiles, Japan- This is stiff sash woven in Kiryuu, Gunma prefecture, textile producing district. It is readymade product. Given that the material is 100% polyester, it is easily washable at home. The sash comes in six colors: golden brown, black, dark brown, white gray, beige and purple. Since it is reversible, it has age and can be paired with various types of Yukata. Since ancient times, there is custom of giving long objects, such as an obi (sash) as presents, since long objects are believed to be good luck charms. Therefore, this sash is perfect, not only for yourself, but also as gift to someone you care about. Kiryuu - Japanese textile producing district Kiryuu city in southeast Gunma has been famous as textile producing district since Nara period 1300 years ago. It specializes in producing obi and silk crape with mosaic weaving pattern, being called one of the major producers of textile, alongside Nishijin district in Kyoto. Saw-tooth roof textile factories are still preserved as historic buildings in Kiryuu.

• material: 100% polyester
• size (approximately): length 397cm (156.3in), width 11cm (4.3in)
• made in Japan (Kiryuu textiles)

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