Spring has come... Make way for sandals!

May. 09, 2016 8:35 AM PDT
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Spring has come... Make way for sandals! image

Spring has come and our feet have been dying for some time now to feel the breeze and sunshine. The best way to cater to your feet's need for freshness is to put them in a pair of cushiony sandals and let them enjoy the sun and the air to the max.

It's so easy to make our feet happy. When your feet are happy, you must be happy as well. We may call it happiness level number one. And, you get even happier in a pair of sandals that make your eyes happy, too. That's a point when you reach happiness level number two. You shouldn’t neglect what your heart feels about your footwear. Hmmm.... it's happiness level number three.

In a nutshell, there are many levels of footwear-happiness, but to feel completely happy about your footwear you need to be sure about its design, colorway, material, feel, aesthetics, ergonomics...

Sounds pretty tough to reach?

Yeah, it just seems like that.

But, if you know what you want, you can easily find it and get it.

This spring is a real feast for your feet! They are going to enjoy the fresh feel and the sun's caressing and you’re going to enjoy the rainbow of colors and daring designs that challenge your creativity when it comes to choosing the suitable clothes combination.

First, how about treating your feet with Valentino Hand-Painted Thong Sandals? They are so simple yet lovely, hand-painted with tribal motifs and embellished with colorful stones. They allow almost any casual beach clothes combination and you’ll feel like you 're going to share many memorable moments this summer.

In case you decide to add a bit of seriousness to your outfit and still keep the liveliness and a rainbow of colors, you should jump in Mango Braided Shoes. They feature bare high heels and covered toes. They seem formal, yet, they are super casual. You can easily notice "the duality of their character". Oh, I almost forgot.... The braids are wonderful. They feature all the right angles for this spring.

These tend to become everyone’s favorites - Aquazzura Raffia Pom-Pom Sandals! They are great to see and an immense pleasure to wear. The playful colorful array of pom-poms will allow you to keep the casual liveliness of the summer and its high heels will make you feel feminine and sassy. They are great to match with a light pair of pants or with a monochrome or multicolored knee-high dress. There are many combinations to make yourself original and unique. The feeling is the same.

If you decide to spend warm sunny days in these shoes, then you can definitely say that spring fever has caught you ready! With these magnificent pairs of sandals on your feet, there’s no limit to your happiness! Have a go and enjoy!

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