Storming back with style

May. 13, 2016 9:49 AM PDT
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I got up this morning to find the sky grey, clouds rushing across the sky pretty fast. I hate such days, honestly! It was freezing and it was promising to be rainy later during the day. It meant I had to put on something protective on my feet. It came to my mind that a pair of stylish waterproof boots would do fine today....

Sounds familiar?

On such days you certainly think hard how to remain dry and not to sacrifice style on these rainy spring days. You may feel challenged to imagine awesome outfit and footwear combinations that will keep you as dry as bone and as stylish as you could ever be.

You might as well have jumped in your Wellies that were your reliable last spring wet days partners. And, you might have wished to add a fresh pair of rubber boots to your closet. Those old ones need a deserved rest..

You need rain gear with a modern twist, something as pragmatic as it's voguish.... And, after a thorough research, I've found something everybody will like! Yay!

We all know that Saint Laurent footwear is well known for its impracticality, right? But this spring 2016 we've lived to see Saint Laurent Wellies on runway in Paris! These tall rubber boots make your feet dry and fresh on these rainy days, for sure! But, what's even more appealing is their fantastic style . Get ready for three wonderful rainy days "rubber queens".

These exceptional boots feature refined style of its embroidered floral print. The gentle shades of green and red make these boots’ style soft yet impressive. They go well with a poncho-style outfit or skinny jeans. In these unique Saint Laurent boots, walking in the rain means sheer happiness!

When you feel more on the sporty or casual side, you can take your pick and jump in these tall rubber boot that draw their design from the classic rubber boot style. But, Saint Laurent has given them a refined touch with its olive rubber finish and a discrete silver buckle at the top. Skinny jeans are a favorite pick to match to these classic , yet complete pair of Saint Laurent simplicity.

And last, but not least are these elegant and charming Saint Laurent rubber boots treated with black sequins with a glittery touch. They mix pragmatics and style, day and night, casual and dressy, darkness and shine. They are so perfect for a dull rainy day to give it a much needed shine and add liveliness to my wet steps. One feels like wearing a simple knee-high black dress with them!

In a nutshell, you shouldn’t allow any storm or rain make you a prisoner of its dark sky and grey clouds! This spring 2016, you can storm back with style in Saint Laurent Wellies to beat a rainy day gloom!

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