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May. 16, 2016 9:44 AM PDT
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I was surfing the net aimlessly, just for fun, when I came across a really fun fact. If you pay enough attention, you’ll see that most bloggers, who follow fashion trends and regularly make reviews on various fashion trends, like to stand in front of a camera posing for a photo which they post on their blogs afterwards. And I simply noticed something that couldn’t escape my eye – most of them wore almost the same pair of sandals. Well, not exactly the same, but it obviously was the same model with modifications in terms of color, material and embellishments.

I was curious about those sandals and did a bit of a research to get to know what it is all about. And I found out what it is all about. Fashion bloggers have given their verdict … and the winner is…. (the fanfare) …. Hermès Oran Sandal!

The name didn’t mean much to me. Then I researched more. Here’s what I found out:

Hermès Paris is a brand launched by Les Ailes des Hermès. They design and produce a variety of fashion items - jewellery, footwear, clothes, watches, fragrances, to name just a few. Hermès Oran Sandals are their product and they have conquered the heart of a plethora of bloggers wearing them proudly.

Hermès Oran sandals have a dominant letter H as the upper. It stands for Hermès, of course. This giant H comes in various materials and 21 colorways. It can feature a simple and plain mono color style or even a floral cutout embellishment, for example. There are plenty of variations and designs to choose from. They are sleek and thin and they look perfectly well on your feet.

This sleek and thin designer sandal has set a trend among fashion bloggers. In case you like its simplicity and style, add it to your wardrobe and make it your wardrobe staple this summer. These sandals are great for any casually elegant combination which you can make to do your errands or just go out for a walk along a river. They go well with skinny jeans, long lightweight summer dresses, shorts, mini-skirt… The list never ends, really.

There might be a little problem with Hermès Oran Sandals – it’s price tag is demanding. So, if you can afford them, go for it. They will make your style boosted and your rating among fashion bloggers higher.

While I was exploring this brand, I came across some valuable advice from Hermès Oran fans who possess a first-hand experience with Hermès Oran sandals. Here are the two worth having in mind:

1. Walking in them all day long is not recommended. In case you do, they will give you some hard time and maybe blisters.

2. People with wide feet can wear these sandals comfortably. Wide feet fit in them well, while narrow ones can’t stop sliding forward and out of the sandal.

Since you know more about Hermès Oran Sandals (in case you haven’t heard of them before), it’s time for your verdict now. Will you add them to your closet or not?

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