To heels or not to heels?

May. 17, 2016 3:00 PM PDT
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I love high heels! They look great on women’s feet and I adore that leggy look that they give. Besides, high heels boost elegance and in case you pair them well with you outfit, you‘ll shoot exactly at bull’s eye! That head-turning looks of yours attract attention in a split of a second!

Honestly, I rarely wear high heels. That fact of my life makes me sad. I love them so much! Still, I can’t enjoy them hands-on. Why?

Well, you must have felt that wrenching or stabbing pain in your feet when you elevate yourself on high heels? You haven’t?? Lucky you! I envy all of you who can function in high heels the same way as if in the most comfortable sports shoe. I’ve been dreaming of myself wearing loveable high heels and relishing my elevated look! But, the pain won every time. And my love for high heels remained on “platonic level”. Sad, I know!

And then, one day, I accidentally came across a very valuable tip that promised to change my life. It says that taping your toes on each foot can relieve the stabbing pain that makes me back off whenever I’m in high heels.

What does taping your toes means?

It means that you should tape together your third and fourth toe counting from the big toe outwards.

You can use a Scotch tape, but you should have in mind that taking the tape off would lead to some unpleasant sensation – you know how badly it feels when you remove a sticky tape off your skin! Yuk! In addition, you can expect a strange sound while you walk since a Scotch tape is that kind of tape – stiff and firm in a way . It needs softness and flexibility to be a right one for taping your toes.

Instead of the sticky Scotch tape, you should try a more skin-friendly version. For example, a self-sticking bandage tape would do well. It won’t pull off your skin after itself when you remove it and it won’t produce strange crackling sound while you walk.

And you must be wondering how it is possible that a simple thing as taping your toes relieves the awful pain. In case you want to know what’s behind this trick, the following may give a glimpse.

There is a story of a nerve that gets a kind of “numb” when these toes are taped. The numb nerve doesn’t send painful information to your brain and the brain doesn’t remind you of the effect high-heels have on your feet. Plus, this taping relieves the pressure on the ball of your foot. The reduction of pressure on that point means no pain! It’s as simple as that!

Whatever is behind this trick, it’s so good that it works wonders! There are a bunch of women out there claiming that taping you toes together promises a real pleasure of wearing heels. I dare try that myself. I recommend you try it, too. There’s nothing to lose! You may even get a couple of hours more in high heels than usual. Worth trying, isn’t it?

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