What to wear below your skinnies?

May. 18, 2016 10:41 AM PDT
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Whether you want to go casual or get dressy for the occasion, you can rely on your skinnies that are ready and willing and always on stand-by in your closet. Just take them out and start styling them with almost anything for great or daring clothes combinations.

Skinnies are so convenient for many various outfit combos and you can pair them with a casual top, an interesting shirt, long warm sweaters…

But, when it comes to footwear, what goes best with your favorite skinnies this season? Here are some great items of footwear to match to your skinnie style:

1. Feel like dressing up? Jump in some sassy pumps for a dazzling look! They work together with skinnies to make your legs longer and boost your height. It’s best to choose zero platform pumps with a pointed or a rounded toe since they accentuate your ankles softly and they are streamlined with the base of your skinnies, which makes you look so good!

2. Want to look great for that night out? Pay attention to ankle-strap and cap-toe pump. Whatever color and pattern you choose, they’ll give you the style you need to turn heads. Be sure that the strap is visible and not hidden under your skinnies.

3. Ready for a casual walk around town or a café session with friends? Minimal straps sandals are great choice. Again, take care your straps are easy to see since they are the necessary details that spices tour looks.

4. Feeling totally casual? Jump in your flats, whether they are ballerinas, oxfords, brogues, loafers or slip-on loafers. Whatever “level of flat style” you choose, be sure you’ll experience the comfort with style. Nothing can relax your feet like a pair of flats. And, nothing can boost your casual style like these everlasting classic flats.

5. Wanna now what’s the sexiest combination you can ever make? Skinnies and strappy stiletto sandals! They make a perfect pair and add sassiness to your style. Their straps add texture to the lower part of you outfit . They boost height. In a word, they are great. It’s no wonder they are the most popular style for this Spring and Summer 2016!

6. Wedges can also give a nice boost to your style. But, be careful with them since not all wedges are convenient for matching with skinnies. Pick those whose front part of the platforms is lower that its heel. In addition, they should feature an inwards- curving of the heel which gives elegance to your looks. Otherwise, your feet may seem like two blocks at the end of tight trousers.

7. Gladiator sandals are one of the fashion trends this spring and summer 2016. They come in two heights: an ankle-high and knee-high glads. Avoid the long ones because it would look really weird to see laced –up skinnies. Instead, choose the ankle high ones.

As you can see, there are many options for your skinnies. Just decide on what do you want and go for it! Whatever you choose, you’ll look great!

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