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May. 19, 2016 2:50 PM PDT
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The time has come to get activated. With the arrival of the warmer days, we get more active and we’re finally moving on a regular basis. To be safe and comfy, wear sneakers. You kill more than two birds with one pair of sneakers: you get comfortable and cushiony, you are stable and safe, your casual looks turns heads and you feel wonderful!

Besides all above mentioned perks, running shoes are a very important item in your closet. They are a significant purchase. Not only do you run in them, you do a bunch of other errands, activities, and other stuff. They deserve a special treatment in a way. Unfortunately, they cannot last forever and they are your true companions for only 300 to 500 miles. After this mileage, it’s time to buy another pair of some mighty sneakers that will take you cozily through the day. Luckily, there many to choose from.

This season brings us many interesting models. They are novel both in terms of design and applied technologies.

Here are some sports shoes that will mark spring and summer of 2016:

1. You can fully enjoy all the benefits of high technology and innovative design in Skechers GoRun Ultra Road runners. Your casual glance at them will turn into a stare. They are daring and bold in color and style. Besides, Skechers has done some significant improvements in this model’s durability, so there’s no reason to miss this chance for great fun while you run. The strategically placed rubber pods make this runner stand out from the crowd.

2. Reebok One Guide 3.0. “Awesome, awesome, awesome!” And they are, for sure. Some testers kept yelling this repeatedly to express their joy and happiness because of this pair of sneakers. They combine three types of mesh that make the upper seamlessly. Three foam densities are incorporated in the midsole to provide the optimal comfort. They’ll make you three times more satisfied than a pair of a regular sports shoe.

3. 361° Spire are so great for all those whose feet are medium to wide. You can let your toes splay without cramming inside a pointy shoe. Besides being roomy, these shoes fit the foot just right and provide just the right amount of responsiveness and support.

4. ASICS Gel-Kayano 22 proudly boasts of the 22nd version of Kayano model which remained true to its traditional form. Asics has added 3mm of heel drop to relieve the pressure from the Achilles’ tendons. Their upper features stretch-mesh and vivid colors. True comfort and loveable design in ASICS Gel- Kayano are great!

5. Pearl Izumi E Motion Road N3 are great for short or long runs. They are to become favorite for either casual situations and easy strolling around town and for some more demanding activities. The footstrike is smooth and soft – it explains its popularity.

These five runners are at your disposal. Choose them , and you won’t regret. You’ll get a new walking partner which provides support and durability, style and design, sporting and casual moments. In a word, they won’t let you down!

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