Break them before they break you

May. 24, 2016 2:49 PM PDT
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You’ve just bought a new pair of shoes and you can hardly wait to walk them with joy and pride. But, let’s be cautious in time! They may look splendid and make you feel like a star, but they may also cause blisters and aches. You need to break into them, which means you need to send a clear message to your shoes that they need to change. Luckily, you’re the boss and you can do whatever is needed to make them fit your feet perfectly well.

So, shoes don’t have to feel like hell. They can be your paradise. In order to prevent possible blisters and aching feet, do some breaking into your just-bought shoes.

Here are several methods that people recommend as very successful:

1. Heat them up

In case your brand-new shoes give you a hard time at certain spots on your feet, put on an extra pair of socks and wear the shoes. Then set your blow-dryer on low temperature and aim at the critical spot. Heat it for about 2-3 minutes and then walk in small bits around your house for 10 minutes. One treatment may not be enough so plan to repeat it.

2. Break the(m with) ice

We all know that water expands into ice when frozen. Let’s use that fact to our advantage. Fill in two plastic bags with water and squeeze the excess air. Put each bag in a shoe and put them in a freezer. Let them stay there for 3 to 4 hours and take them out. After the shoes warm up a bit, wear them around the house and feel how expanded they have become.

3. Do the stretching!

Get the shoe stretcher! It’s a useful tool for breaking in shoes. The stretcher should be in shoes overnight to give your shoes proper expanding. You’ll amp up this method by sliding a pair or two pairs of socks onto the stretches. Then you’ll get a near-cobbler machine effect! (For a true cobbler-machine stretching, visit a cobbler to be sure you have your shoes expanded right.)

4. Spray them!

There’ s a stretching spray that you spray onto shoes and let do its job. Read the instructions carefully and follow them precisely. It is recommended that you manually stretch your shoes between sprayings.

Besides these four pieces of advice that people find quite true and useful, there are some that may do your shoes good or even ruin them.

Many people prefer DIY maintenance of their shoes and when it comes to breaking in, they spray the mixture of rubbing alcohol and water inside the shoes and they wear the shoes immediately after the spraying. But, alcohol is a chemical that may impact the quality of the material that makes the upper. So, to avoid staining your wonderful shoes, check their effect on a variety of materials.

We needn’t say that hammering your shoes is totally wrong! Don’t use your hammer on shoes, it’ll ruin them completely.

In a nutshell, don’t give up on you just bought and tight shoes that quickly. Try these proven and recommended methods and enjoy your shoes to the max.

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