How to clean suede shoes

Jul. 04, 2016 11:38 PM PDT
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You must have been given warm recommendations not to buy suede footwear. There’s a good reason for that. Suede is quite difficult to keep clean and belongs to a category of footwear hard to manage. Some people decide to listen to this advice and they avoid buying suede footwear. Some still buy suede but they stick to darker colors to diminish the chances of having their cute shoes dirty.

Anyone who has ever had a pair of suede footwear knows how hard it is to look at your cute booties get stainy, scuffy and muddy, and you cannot make them cleaner with regular methods of shoe cleaning. How to clean suede shoes can become the haunting dilemma and the worst nightmare if you don’t know some useful tips and tricks.

Luckily, people didn’t want to give up on them easily. They’ve been trying hard to find a way to enjoy their beauty even if they ever get dirty. There are some handy tips and tricks to restore your suede footwear’s charm. Here’s some useful advice how to be a happy and satisfied owner who knows how to clean suede shoes. Suede shoes are meant to be worn on dry days. In case you get caught by sudden rain, your suedes will develop a stainy look. As soon as you can, wet the entire shoe and blot excess water with a sponge or a dry piece of cloth.

Let it dry overnight! Then use a suede brush to brush the entire shoe lightly to restore its fresh, clean look.

Now your once stainy suede shoe shines again!

Scuffy suede shoes look pretty bad, I know. If you have mud on them, let it dry and then remove it in chunks. In case some dirt still exists, make a mixture of equal amount of water and vinegar. Use a clean cloth or a towel to apply the mixture on the dirty spot. Let it dry overnight. After it gets dry, use a suede brush in one direction to lift out the dirt. When you are sure there’s no more dirt, brush backward and forward to restore its new look. In case you come across some pretty stubborn stains, use a pencil eraser. And, stick to the white one to prevent new color stains on your suedes.

Oily stains can get pretty nasty. We all know how hard it is to get rid of oily stains. They seem to be the most stubborn stains ever. If you are that “lucky” to get an oily stain on your suede shoe, here’s a quick fix. Brush the stain with a suede brush, wet it with a toothbrush or a nail brush soaked in warm water. Let it dry and brush again. If you are lucky, there’s no more oily stain on your shoe. Some stains are more difficult to treat. In such a case you might consider putting some baking soda on the stain, let it sit on there for an hour or so, and then brush it off. If you are lucky, there’s no more oily stain on your shoe.Otherwise, your stain is too stubborn to be removed.

I hope these tips save you from frustration and worry when it comes to maintaining your favorite suede footwear. But, remember that prevention is better than a cure. Your suede shoes should be sprayed with a suede protector right after buying and after each cleaning. It will save you from much trouble when you clean the shoes. They will look fresh and beautiful for some longer time and it will make you a happier owner of suede shoes.

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