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Jul. 07, 2016 1:37 PM PDT
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Our shoes inevitably get dirty with time and use. They soon lose their shine and charm with all that scuff. A regular cleaning is sometimes not enough. Some day they'll need washing, not a superficial cleaning if we want to maintain them properly. But how to wash shoes?

This job is much easier with footwear featuring textile upper. Take sneakers, for example. They can be washed in a washing machine without fear something bad might happen to them. But be sure to follow some ground rules to keep their form, shape, and color intact. First of all, unlace your sneakers and remove the insoles. Your laces and the insoles will be washed better separately. You can prewash them by hand before putting them in the machine to be sure that all the dirt and grime will wash away in the end. Avoid powder detergent. It can get stuck among the fibers of the textile upper and instead of nice-looking sneakers, you might get stainy looking ones. So, better use liquid detergents to wash textile sneakers instead. Put your sneakers in a pillow case and add two or more old towels or cloths in the machine to reduce bumping and crashing against the machine. That will make you reassured that your sneakers won’t lose their form.

Avoid centrifugal spinning of your sneakers. It may deform them. Instead of the centrifuge, let your sneakers drain naturally. You should also avoid tumble drying. Air-dry them, avoiding direct exposure to the sunlight. So, plan ahead the washing of your sneakers to get enough time to dry them naturally.

When it comes to leather shoes, it goes without saying that they should never be washed in the machine. Luckily, there are some pretty useful and efficient ways of washing them by hand. There’s a pretty widespread misbelief that we should not use detergents to clean leather footwear. Fortunately, we can use them and we should use them to do a proper clean. But not all of them! There are two types of detergents. The ones that contain aggressive oil-removing substances and the ones that are milder in their action. You do not wash your hands and face with Tide, do you? Of course not! Tide is aggressive towards dirt of oily origin and we use it for clothes, right? But facial washes and mild hand soaps are designed to preserve the natural oiliness of our skin and they do not clean our skin as aggressively as Tide would. So, when it comes to washing your leather shoes, use mild soaps and washes designed for human skin. Avoid hot water. Hot water may be better at removing excess dirt from all nooks and crannies of your shoes, but it may also destroy the leather suppleness and its texture. Not to mention losing pigments! We don’t want that, definitely not! Use cold water instead, just to be on the safe side. With a sponge or a clean cloth make a mixture of a suitable detergent and cold water and gently wash your shoes.Rinse the leather with a sponge or a cloth soaked in clean cold water. The golden drying rule applies here as well – no tumble drying! Consider only air- drying in the shade or the room temperature. Plan ahead your washing activities to have your shoes dry and ready on time. After your leather shoes get dry, you can rub some moisturizers in the leather to let them regain shine and suppleness. Use a special leather footwear moisturizer or your facial or hand moisturizer. Never use oils because they can get rancid and smelly! Now that we’ve shared some golden rules for washing your shoes, we hope you’re not worrying anymore about this popular topic “how to wash shoes.” You can say now that you know the secret of shiny and happy footwear! We know that it makes you happy, too!

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