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Jul. 17, 2016 12:03 PM PDT
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Can you imagine yourself wearing socks? Of course, you can! Everybody wears socks. Now, stay in those socks you’ve imagined. Right… Now, add sandals to those socks on your feet. Can you do that? What emotions does this combination evoke deeply inside you? I’ve heard people saying “yuk!” when they even think about this “abominable crime”. Some are indifferent, showing no emotional response . The others wonder how on earth one can even think about that fashion faux pas. The fact is that wearing socks and sandals has always been widely discussed across continents and cultures. The first material evidence of people wearing socks and sandals are found among the photos of some English archeologist from the past. And some discoveries suggest that Old Romans might have worn them. We know that they are very popular among Germans and older people. If you’ve ever seen some German tourists wearing socks and sandals, you know what we are talking about. Some people claim that wearing socks can disturb a normal thermoregulation of your feet, while other say it’s rude to wear sandals on bare feet if your toes are not clean and nails closely clipped. The Czechs and the Polish hate this combination and they consider it to be highly unaesthetic, while it is a usual footwear combination in Pacific Northwest. If you imagine a typical geek, you visualize him with a hat featuring a propeller, a huge multicolored lollipop, and socks in sandals. Yes, a geek subculture is well-known for such clothing fashion, right! In a nutshell, there’s no definite and true answer. Socks and sandals are a true phenomenon loved and hated at the same time. But, what does fashion has to say about them? Sometime in the past socks paired with sandals were considered frumpy, while back then in 2010 this combination met style. In spring and summer 2010, they were a true hit. The evidence lies on the runways of that time. Burberry Prorsum runway lived to see ribbed socks and platform sandals back then in 2010. That was their debut in the fashion world. And four years later, in 2014, the trend had a chance to gain its foothold. The runways showcased the daring pairing which promised to stay and had no intention of waning. Check what Creatures of Comfort, Vivienne Tam, Louise Goldin, and Band of Outsiders launched on 2014 runways. Socks and sandals have gone all the way from the initial shock to a widespread trend. But, be careful. Not all socks can be paired with any sandals. If you are afraid that you’ll make a fashion blunder and you hesitate to try, we’ll give you a couple of tips. In the beginning, you should stick to the same color family. The same color family allows you to make safe baby steps toward mastering the art of pairing socks and sandals. Later on, when you gain confidence, be bold and dare to try some interesting polka dots or nude straps. The number of ideas and possible combinations is endless. Just don’t give up on this trend and keep adding daring combinations to a vast array of this daring pairing.

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