How to clean your Birkenstocks

Jul. 18, 2016 11:20 AM PDT
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We all love Birkenstocks for their unique look and great feel when on foot!They feature leather and cork in such a way that one cannot resist their design that promises excellent and soft steps. But, to have them look great and maintain their appearance, we need to clean them regularly. There are four types of Birkenstock, and it’s important to know how to take care of each one of them.

1. Suede

First and foremost, remove any dirt. Use a suede brush if you have one. Try with a leather cleaner you can get in a retail store. Put a pea-size amount of the cleaner on the clean cloth and spread all over the suede. Let it dry and brush again to restore the natural look of suede. If leather cleaner fails you, you can always go back to natural home remedies we wrote about recently. Check out this link to learn how you can clean suede with some simple home solutions.

2. Leather

Take a clean cloth and put a dollop of the leather cleaner all over the shoes. Take care to cover them in their entirety. Let the cleaner sink in the leather as much as possible. But, be careful: don’t let you Birkenstocks get too wet. Scrub the shoes right after putting the cleaner. Let them dry overnight. Now, it’s polishing time! Make circular motions with a clean, soft cloth to remove the excess cleaner. Polish as long as you can to restore your Birkenstock’s shine! Finally, buff your shoes nicely!

3. Synthetic

Birkenstocks come in synthetic materials as well. To be exact, it’s all polyurethane, and it’s a way simpler to clean such shoes. First, remove excess dirt and grime. A simple wet cloth would do. In case the stains are a bit suborn, use a fragrance-free soap and leather the material. Rinse with clean water. Let your Birkenstocks dry in a natural shade avoiding direct sunlight. And don’t forget to let them completely dry unless you want them deformed. We know you wouldn’t let your Birkenstocks lose their shape... Birkenstocks are usually worn on bare feet. We can rarely see feet in socks walking in this favorite footwear. Yes, socks do much to prevent your footbed from getting dirty and smelly. Since the majority wears Birkenstocks on bare feet, we need to give you a couple of tips how to restore the appearance of your footbed. Footbeds get easily dirty by grass, mud, and you feet. Your feet sweat although you may not notice that process. The sweat soaks in the footbed and lock in the dirt and grime. We mustn’t forget the bacteria whose decomposition results in a funky odor. To de-funk your Birkenstocks, use two part water and one part baking soda. You get a paste-like consistency. In case it’s too watery, add more baking soda. Rub the paste into the footbed and scrub gently in circular motions. Rinse with clean water. In case you need to repeat the process, let your shoes dry first completely to avoid too much water inside shoes.

Your footbeds should be as good as new now. No smell, no dirt, no grime inside ! We wish you happy Birkenstock cleaning!

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