Different types of sandals

Oct. 17, 2016 6:21 AM PDT
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Once upon a time there was only one type of a sandal. Plaited of woven, a sandal served as a protective means for human feet. It didn’t look appealing, but it provided needed protection and air ventilation.

With time, a sandal evolved. It served as a basis for a boot. Unbelievable as it is, this is a fact. Attach a warm stocking to your sandal and here it is – a model of a first boot ever. The time passed, and a sandal evolved even more. Now, we have so many types of sandals in terms of designs, materials and purposes that the original inventor of the very first sandal would have probably been stricken by a heart attack if only he had had a chance to drop by to the future and visit our shoes retail shops.

So, why did people invest their time and money to produce a multitude of various sandals? What’s the point? Why don’t we stick to the old good practices of our ancestors and follow the reasons of a practical mind? Well, that’s a philosophical question with many possible answers. And, it’s better to leave them to those who would gladly trouble their minds with the answers. We’d rather enjoy all those styles, designs, materials, colors, creativity and imagination! Let’s see what a sandal is like nowadays and how many forms it has taken so far. Kids can enjoy sandals from an early age. These kids’ sandals are practical, soft, anatomical, natural. In a nutshell, they are the real protectors of kids’ sensitive feet. They can be fashionable, too. Manufacturers try hard not to compromise comfort for style when it comes to this sensitive group of cute little customers. Men have a vast range of sandals to choose from, too. Whether they want to fit themselves with a pair of off-road sandals or to get dressed for work, they can take a pick among a wide selection of both types. Fisherman sandals are traditionally popular sandals with men. They provide stability, support and endurance. Sports sandals can be made for off-road adventures or water explorations. Whatever the purpose, they’ve been designed to serve their owner the best way. Dress sandals are the ones that resemble dress shoe in many details, except that toes and heels are often uncovered. They even feature a regular dress shoe heel height. Women sandals? Well, they deserve a special research… There are so many of them that it’s almost impossible to name them all in a short a hundred- word passage. We promise to dedicate a special text about them. We recommend you to stay tuned because you’ll have a chance to see what choice women have when it comes to sandals. We’ll just tickle your imagination a bit with these ones: gladiators, strappies, wedges, chunky heels, stilletos …. We’ll stop here! Still, women’s sandals deserve more time and space. We don’t want to depreciate them. As we said, stay tuned! ;)

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