Men's 1 Up Five Toe Athletic Fut Glove

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• The 1-UP by Fut Glove is a revolution in golf footwear, following the function of the foot to provide the ultimate in performance.
• Most shoes ignore the complex design of the human foot, which results in limited function. Think of it as wearing mittens (stiff mittens, with no thumbs) instead of gloves.
• The unique 5-toed design of the 1-UP allows each toe to function independently, as nature intended. This provides superior body awareness (called proprioception) and balance, as well as helping to strenghten the foot. The flexible midsole allows the foot to follow the contour of the terrain, providing better traction, and further enhancing balance, while the quality EVA foam and High Impact rubber sole allows the thousand of nerve fibers in the foot to detect every detail. You really can
• All of which results in a stronger base, and brings your game to the next level.
• This shoe is constructed of high quality genuine leather, neoprene, EVA foam and non-marking High Impact rubber. The tread pattern is certified