Men's All Star Day Hand Painted High Top Unique Fashion Sneakers Converse

main image of Converse All Star Day Hand Painted High Top Unique Fashion Sneakers
Product info:

Classic black high top converse shoes with hand painting of band Green Day design for men and women. These shoes are customizable as they are painted by hand. Please feel free to contact us if you have any interest in custom shoes. The paint is water proof, so you can wash the shoes. Please do not use brush or washing machine. Converse Size: >Please Note: Converse shoes run bigger size than regular canvas shoes, please confirm your converse size before order, Otherwise you have to pay the freight of return and exchange. US Men 3/Women 5/EUR 35 US Men 3.5/Women 5.5/EUR 36 US Men 4/Women 6 US/EUR 36.5 US Men 4.5/Women 6.5 US/EUR 37 US Men 5/Women 7 US/EUR 37.5 US Men 5.5/Women 7.5 US/EUR 38 US Men 6/Women 8 US/EUR 39 US Men 6.5/Women 8.5 US/EUR 39.5 US Men 7/Women 9 US/EUR 40 US Men 7.5/Women 9.5 US/EUR 41 US Men 8/Women 10 US/EUR 41.5 US Men 8.5/Women 10.5 US/EUR 42 US Men 9/Women 11 US/EUR 42.5 US Men 9.5/Women 11.5 US/EUR 43 US Men 10/Women 12 US/EUR 44 US Men 10.5/Women 12.5 US/EUR 44.5 US Men 11/Women 13 US/EUR 45 US Men 11.5/Women 13.5 US/EUR 46 US Men 12/Women 14 US/EUR 46.5 US Men 13/Women 15 US/EUR 48 US Men 14/Women 16 US/EUR 49

• Unique sneakers
• Customizable
• Washable
• Best presents
• Pure hand painting

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