Girls' Baby02 Neko Sneaker Baby 02-410 TSUKIHOSHI

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sukihshi Neko InfTod FucsiaMint With a long andstoried exstence dating back to 1873 sukihshi s the largst manufacturer and dstributor of children footwear in Japan sukihshi hs been collaborating with orthopedicspecialsssince 1985 perfecting a line ofshos that focss on the health protection and comfort of children feet Now sukihshs line of fshionably functional footwear hs reached America Every sukihshistyle s machine wshable anti bacterial ultra lightweight and dsigned to promote proper foot development Thse attributs along with the brans terrificstyling make sukihshistand out s a unique brand in children athletis Featurs Machine Wshable Light and Flexible Antibacterial Isole Heelstabilizer Archsupport Esy on and off

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