Men's Captiva Super Light Bungee Athletic Shoe Rugged Shark

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The CAPTIVA Super lightweight slip-on athletic shoes feature bungee style lacing system: You set the snug fit, andtehn slip the shoe on and off as you like. A soft-cushioning outsole and full-comfort insole, keep these sport shoes super light and at maximum comfort.

• ALL DAY COMFORTABLE: Step into this shoe and you can feel the comfort in cushioned molded footbed. It cushions your feet, and helps absorb any shock. These shoes are super lightweight with soft outsole -- the portion that touches the ground -- in light but spongy EVA material. Perfect for happy feet!
• BREATH-ABLE: Keep your feet from getting sweaty with genuine nylon mesh that allows air-flow in to keep feet cool.
• DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This slip-on hybrid athletic-watershoe has synthetic stitched piece at the toe and "mudguard" along the sides for durability in and out of the water.
• BUNGEE LACING: Stretch bungee lacing is comfortable and snug. See the toggle where you like the fit, then slip the shoes on or off.
• FEATHER LIGHT: These slip-on trainers are Extremely Lightweight, less than 12 ounces per pair.

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