Men's Cts Desert Sand~12 Bates

main image of Bates Cts Desert Sand~12
Product info:

Men's Bates M - 6 Desert Assaults are made to attack the day! Assault Boots provide standout performance while helping you soldiers and cops blend in visually with their environment... though you don't have to be in the line of duty to appreciate all the benefits these Boots have to offer. Leather and nylon uppers, a breathable lining that wicks perspiration away from the foot, 6" ankle support and the exclusive Vibram Mutant soles for superior traction and durability over all terrains. "Ah-tennn-SHUN!": Soft toe; Vibram Mutant soles are stealthy and slip-resistant; Measure approx. 6" in height; Lightweight... just over 3 lbs. State Size. Order Now! Men's Bates M-6 Desert Assault Boots

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