Men's Cyber Flash Running Spike Track ASICS

main image of ASICS Cyber Flash Running Spike Track
Product info:

ASICS CyberFlash Beijing Running Spikes are pair of high performance running spikes, which enhances performance through great combination of lightweight materials and aerodynamic construction with spikes which dramatically empower your stride through immense traction and grip, allowing you to glide round the track effortlessly. Weighing in at just 180grams, the CyberFlash Beijing Running Spikes feature lightweight air-mesh upper with synthetic upper overlay and velcro latch system which together produces fine running spike which strikes powerful balance between comfort and performance. A non-removable EVA sockliner is also built in to improve running comfort and reduce irritation through elimination of slippage and ensure as fast as possible transition through the running cycle.

• Lightweight Mesh Upper - Super breathable and lightweight for optimum performance.
• Synthetic Cover and Velcro Latch - Overlay which enhances aerodynamics and improves the overall fit and feel of the shoes.
• Spikes - Offers outstanding grip and traction for getting round the track in record time.
• Non-Removable EVA Sockliner - Sockliner is fused to the last for an improved ride helping reducing slippage during fast transitions in the running cycle.

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