Girls' Dbt0116 Western Boot Durango

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Lil' Durango; toddler saddle western boots are traditional cowboy boots for toddlers in tan and brown. These kids' cowboy boots have distressed brown full-grain leather on the foot with 900-denier nylon upper in camouflage. The brown leather also trims the top of the boot shaft and appears at the pull loops and pull straps. The pulls compliment the cowboy boots nicely and also serve the practical purpose of giving your child two ways to pull on these Durango boots quickly and easily;” or two ways for you to help your toddler get the boots on. The tan nylon of the boot shaft is great material; it's extremely durable, resisting scrapes, tears and abrasions. These toddler boots can stand up to the rigors of kid's wear and tear. The embroidery of the boot shaft nicely pairs with the neutral color. These western boots for little boys or girls have rubber outsole that gives cushioning like sneaker outsole and more grip on smooth surfaces than your child would get from some other western boots with smooth outsoles. This type of outsole makes it much easier for your kid to run and play in these boots. These are eight-inch boots with one-inch stockman heel and the popular square toe. They have durable double-row welt stitch. Inside the tan boots, there's steel shank for stability and arch support. The soft mesh lining is comfortable, and even greater comfort comes from the cushion flex insole. With these boots, get the look of traditional western boots with comfort inside and out. Check out lil' Durango toddler saddle western boots

• Full-Grain Leather Vamp
• Double Row Welt Stitch
• Mesh Lining
• Cushion Flex Insole
• Steel Shank

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