Women's Ellipse 2 Gtx Surround Walking Ss17 Salomon

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Salomon Ellipse 2 GTX Surround Women's Walking Shoes Look ahead, go far and most of all play out your dreams. The Salomon Ellipse 2 GTX Surround Women's Walking Shoes can handle any challenge you throw at it. Made specifically for women, it will take care of your feet, however tough the conditions. Women's Specific Design The Salomon Ellipse 2 feature specific lines designed to appeal to Women. Not only that these shoes offer an optimised fit just for Women. Tested by and for Women, specific last, collar shape and even sole hardness are based on Women's input, allowing you to get that comfortable fit that you have been searching for. Gore-Tex/Waterproof Upper Kicking off the upper is the Gore-Tex Surround footwear with its patented open construction allows moisture and warmth to escape from below the foot through the Gore-Tex laminate into the open structure of spacer. From there it gets pushed out of the shoes via side ventilation outlets, as result of this your feet are drier. Dry feet enhance your sense of well-being and reduce the risk of blisters and chafing. Additionally, the Gore-Tex Surround footwear is not the only technology to ensure your feet stay dry. The waterproof split suede leather works in concert with the Gore-Tex to ensure no water penetrates the shoes and also adds durability and longer wear to the shoes allowing them to feature in much more of your adventures. The waterproof bootie construction that lays within the shoes also adds to preventing weather entry. The Ellipse 2 Walking Shoes offer you with the sensifit technology. Sensifit cradles the foot from the midsole to the lacing system, providing secure, snug and virtually customised fit all around the foot to get that perfect fit you're after. A protective heel and protective synthetic toe cap provides protection to those areas for when you are on tough terrain and prevents any injuries from occurring. The heel strap wraps around the heel to provide snug and secure fit and works • Women's Specific Design - Offers specific last, collar shape and sole hardness that appeal to women specifically.
• Gore-Tex Surround Footwear - Allows moisture and warmth to escape from below the foot.
• Waterproof Split Suede Leather - Ensures that water can't penetrate the shoe and adds durability as well as longer wear.
• Waterproof Bootie Construction - Prevents weather entry.
• Sensifit Technology - Cradles the foot to provide secure, snug and customised fit.

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