Women's Em Tri 1 Tri Running Shoe Pearl Izumi - Run

main image of Pearl Izumi - Run Em Tri 1 Tri Running Shoe
Product info:

The Pearl Izumi EM Tri N1 trainer is built for pure performance when it countson race day. Perfect for blazing through quick transitions, this women's running shoe features a seamless synthetic and dual-layer mesh upper that uses bonded technology for structure and durability, leaving the inside of the upper smooth and comfortable against your foot for sockless race-day wear; an E:Motion midsole promotes an efficient turnover running style. Dynamic Offset technology eliminates forefoot slap and reduces shock. Part of the Project E:Motion series, the Pearl Izumi EM Tri N1 athletic shoe is finished with a 1mm heel drop and rubber outsole with strategically placed traction pads for dependable grip.

• Weight: 7.9 oz.
• Seamless upper construction
• Synthetic and mesh upper
• Cupped-heel insole design
• Rubber outsole

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