Women's Lauren Slide Pump BeautiFeel

main image of BeautiFeel Lauren Slide Pump
Product info:

The Lauren is part of the 4cm collection that has several incredible comfort features. The full heel-to-toe patented foam footbed is anatomically contoured to help stabilize the arch while reducing shock. The full memory properties of the cushioning material ensure it will never flatten or lose support. The uppers are constructed of high quality calfskin leathers that are soft, stylish, and durable. Because all the models are fully leather lined, moisture is wicked out of the shoe to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The anti-slip outsole if made of latex rubber. This all-natural material is flexible and durable for all day use, and retains itís cushioning properties remarkably better than other types of soles. The leather covered heel features an anti-slip tap for further stability. The anatomically correct lasts used to construct all BeautiFeel footwear help to hold the midfoot and heel while allowing natural movement of the toes.

• Suede
• Soft suede uppers
• Adjustable buckles
• Latex sole
• Comfortable heel with height 7 cm/2.7 inch