Women's Over The Knee Fit Thigh High Flats Ridding Boots Snug Stretch For Casual Dress Juoar

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Juoar aim to help womens realize their dream of owning the perfect shoes. GENERAL INFORMATION Upper material: suede,a man-made polyester fabric. Shaft lining: Spandex, Lycra or elastane Shoe lining and insole: Genuine lambskin. Measurements (cm) Size--Ankle girth--Calf girth--Boot opening--Shaft height--Foot length US4--------22------------29----------37-----------56---------21.5 US4.5------22------------29----------37-----------57---------22 US5.5------22------------29----------37-----------59---------22.5 US6--------22------------30----------37-----------59---------23 US6.5------23------------30----------39-----------60---------23.5 US7--------24------------31----------39-----------62---------24 US7.5------24------------32----------40-----------62---------24.5 US8.5------25------------33----------41-----------62.5-------25 US9--------25------------34----------42-----------64---------25.5 US9.5------26------------34----------42-----------64---------26 US10-------26------------35----------43-----------65---------26.5 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS How is the quality of the materials? It is synthetic, should it be cheaper? Please be informed that "synthetic" is not equal to "cheap". There are different grades of microfiber/microsuede. Microfiber and micorsuede aren't all created equal, so are genuine leathers. Prices for microfiber/microsuede are directly related to the quality of the materials. Some of the top-quality microfiber or microsuede are even more expensive than genuine leathers. Are these boots true to size? The boots are true to size, if you want to wear thick socks and/or if you have wider feet, you may need to choose half size or one size up.

• Top quality microsuede
• Heel measures approximately 1 inches"
• Shaft material: microsuede outside and stretchable fabric inside
• Shoe lining and insole material: lambskin,We use genuine lambskin as the shoe lining and insole materials is due in part to leather's ability to combine breathing and insulating properties. Leather "breathes" freely, maintaining comfort level in all seasons for your feet.
• Calf circumference: 30 cm, can be stretched to about 35 cm; Boots opening circumference: 34 cm, can be stretched to about 39 cm; Shaft height: about 59 cm (measured from CN size 38)