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Newton Distance VII Women's Running Shoes The Newton Distance VII Women's Running Shoes combines new incredibly breathable air-mesh upper and high-performance laces with some magic in Newton's patented Action Reaction energy return technology that maximises rebound. Full Air Mesh Upper The Newton Distance VII Women's Running Shoes have an upper constructed of an air mesh fabric that wraps each foot in breathable comfort. The mesh allows air to fully permeate the entire upper, providing constant supply of fresh, cool air whilst simultaneously forcing out hot, muggy air that resides during high-intense activities. Additionally, full flex zone is incorporated into the upper and works to accommodate the natural splay and swelling of the foot during long distance running. This allows the shoe to move with the foot instead of restricting and causing irritation. The shoes feature flexible and breathable tongue for ultimate comfort and ventilation, while heel lace lock system is put in place to lock the heel into the shoe and provide snug fit. This construction prevents the feet from slipping around inside the shoes, enhancing comfort. Lastly, 360-degree reflectivity is added to enhance your visibility during low-light conditions, ensuring you stay safe and seen when road running. Newtonium Foam Midsole The midsole of the Newton Distance VII features Newton's very own Newtonium. The foam cushioning provides more responsive cushioning and closer to the foot, whilst the action/reaction technology in the midfoot and heel provides exceptional energy return. The POP technology stands for Point Of Power, the energy created from your heel strike and midstance is stored in the lugs as you land, then as you step away the lugs act like rubber band and provides you with highly responsive pop, pushing you off into your next step. The high rebound EVA works in concert with the POP technology to provides sufficient cushioning and provide responsive ride t

• Full Air Mesh Upper - Provides lightweight breathability and structure in key areas.
• Full Flex Zone - Accommodate the natural splay and swelling of the foot during running.
• Flexible, Breathable Tongue - Offers ultimate comfort and ventilation.
• Heel Lace Lock System - Locks the foot in place to prevent in shoe slipping.
• 360-Degree Reflectivity - Enhances visibility during low-light conditions.

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