Women's Slippers Sandals Flower Prada

main image of Prada Slippers Sandals Flower
Product info:

Prada women's rubber slippers sandals flower black women's rubber slippers sandals new

• Product code: 1XX332 3J2J F0002
• Color: black Material: rubber
• On the box and inside the shoes is printed always size EU or UK
• Size chart: (US4 EU34 UK1) (US5 EU35 UK2) (US6 EU36 UK3) (US7 EU37 UK4) (US8 EU38 UK5) (US9 EU39 UK6)(US10 EU40 UK7) (US11 EU41 UK8)
• FOR EXAMPLE: if you buy US8 size shoes, you will receive shoes with UK5 or EU38 size printed on the box and on the shoes.