Women's Spirit4 Olx Studded Off-trail Running Shoe Icebug

main image of Icebug Spirit4 Olx Studded Off-trail Running Shoe
Product info:

Improve your way of running with the all-new Icebug Spirit4 olx Women. Ideal for low volume feet or those who want a snug close fit. The Icebug Spirit4 olx Women help Icebug win the World Championship in Orienteering, and now with the 4th version of it, it keeps getting better. Think the speed of a tracking shoe with the protection and traction of a hiking boot. Specially designed lug system with 14 fixed carbide studs that provides sure-footed traction anywhere, this incredible running shoe also boasts of molded protection areas, all stitches are done with stich and turn technique to protect the tread. Great choice for everyday wear. The Icebug Spirit4 olx Women is sure to help run for miles without the feel.

• High-speed orienteering design
• Molded protection areas
• Fixed 14-carbide-stud pattern on outsole

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