Women's Warm Flat Moccasin Slippers BELITI

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BELITI footwear is 100% natural product, in which old traditions meet with innovative design allowing it to keep up with the constantly changing fashion trends and expectations for shoes. Today BELITI brand produces woolen home shoes for the young and the elderly. Wool has unique thermoregulation ability, which helps your feet to be in incredible comfort in any weather - warm or cold. Wool works by gathering heat inside the fibers and keeping your feet warm. Due to the exceptional quality, the longer you wear pair of woolen BELITI shoes, the more comfortable you will feel yourself, as if it was second skin - thanks of its adjusting features. The layers of natural wool fibers will work together to provide the most comfortable environment for your feet, keeping them warm and dry. With BELITI woolen footwear you need not worry about unpleasant feet smell, as the natural wool fiber breathes and controls odor by preventing the growth of bacteria.

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