Men's Xa Enduro Trail Running Shoe 1 Salomon

main image of Salomon Xa Enduro Trail Running Shoe 1
Product info:

It’s time to get off the beaten track. The xa enduro shoe is designed to hug and stabilize your feet on hard-core mountain terrain. It keeps the grit out. Who needs trails the mountain is all yours; play with it, run all over it. 

• No twists or slip-ups in this story. The Advanced chassis is designed for strong stable heel.
• An integrated gaiter: it makes sense! The grit stays under your soles, not in your shoes.
• A steady stride, even on the wettest ground. Inspired by SLAB XA ALPINE outsole, Contagrip with Premium Wet Traction rubber is more than technology, it's mentality. You can simply ignore slippery terrain and charge ahead.
• Salomon 2 year limited warranty

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