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Futaba Kaban
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Aniari aniary New Ideal leather business card holder 11-20004 Aniari Impressionism you also immediately on the high-quality business card holder. Because the type to be fastened until it clicks in the button, we do not have to worry about that business card would be skewed in the bag. In addition, by cutting the outlet dare to reverse R, is point that does not miss the point that is easily taken out business card. Has been making good usability Yes individually also includes card pocket. At the time of exchanging business cards, you should be able impression with that businessman that can combine the aesthetic eye and smart. To the New Ideal Leather (cowhide)] ticket based on the cowhide touted is by birth of six months to year or so are as the finest among the leather, we use to select the scratches less rare leather. Original leather Aniari that planning and development of its luxury leather from the process stage. Created certain burnt texture and the unique luster uneven feeling, I finished in the original leather can not be seen in other brands.\nProducts will be shipped from Japan.If tariffs are necessary,Customer should bear it.

• Size:W4.33 / H2.95inch
• Weight:0.10lbs
• New Ideal leather (cowhide)
• [Main] gusset pocket * 1, card pocket * 2