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Item number: WM07-71711CRcoffee Material: Crazy-horse genuine top layer cow leather About the crazy-horse leather: 1. Particular Smell - Crazy horse leather has its unique smell. Since the crazy horse leather is the cowhide processed by special oil impregnated technique and the product you received is totally brand new and unused, there may be bit particular leather smell. It's natural and harmless. Use it or put the product at ventilated place for few days, the smell will fade away gradually. 2. Mark Memory - Easy to get mark, such as wrinkles, scars, scratches are the inherent characteristics of crazy horse leather and that is the natural beauty of this leather to present the style of retro and wildness. When you scrape it widely, the trace will appear. If the trace is not obvious, you can wipe it gently and then the trace will be less. 3. Chromatic Halo - Just like the leather name, crazy horse, the wild nature is hard to tame. The problem of slight color transference of the new leather is hard to completely eradicate. Maybe this is the way of new crazy-horse leather to show its wild, power and influence. When using new crazy-horse leather product, please avoid contact with light colored fabrics, and this problem will disappear as time pass by. 4. Growth Feature - The hand feel of wet cool, the color of rust, it may denote the vicissitudes of history. However, what you receive is not an antique, is "raw" or "unfinished" product, just like an infant, will grow. The longer you use, the better look it will get. You will more appreciate your purchase over time. Attention Please:1. Actual product colors may differ slightly from colors on web photos depending on your monitor settings.2. Please confirm the dimensions according to our description instead of the photos and allow about differs due to manual measurement.

• TOP-GRADE MATERIAL - 100% Genuine Top Layer Cow Leather for the leather part and customized retro bronze hardware.
• ELABORATE HANDCRAFT - Finest quality hand made by professional artisans with more than 20 years of experience.
• IDEAL ORGANIZER - 2 Zip pockets and 18 card slots with 1 photo slot, easily sort your personal belongings.
• PROPER SIZE - 7.87(L) x 0.59(W) x 4.13(H) inch, the weight is 0.6 pound.
• ITEM NUMBER: WM07-71711CR, if you want to select more, please click brand WESTBRONCO in blue color above the item title.