Women's Cow Long Wallet With Zipper Sl1tl16sd LQ LOUIS QUATORZE

main image of LQ LOUIS QUATORZE Cow Long Wallet With Zipper Sl1tl16sd
Product info:

LOUIS QUATORZE was founded in 1980 by Paul Barrate, Versailles leather craftsman who was inspired by the distinct artistic style of the 17th-century French nobles, particularly the Sun King, Louis XIV. Seeking to reinterpret this ancient style in modern way, Paul decided to create brand that offered new trademark of luxury, one that is derived from exceptional quality and expert artistry.   LOUIS QUATORZE has inherited and developed the beautiful Versailles culture with elegant, intellectual, and modern style in its Classical, Contemporary and Signature collections, which include handbags, small leather goods, gloves, watches, dress shirts, scarves, ties, and eyewear. Today, LOUIS QUATORZE offers various options for different styles from casual street to formal elegance, and is available at over 140 department stores, shopping malls, and offline/ online specialty stores.   Measurements - 7.4in*3.9in*0.7in   Composition & Care - COWHIDE - SAND GRAY   Designer - Imported - by LOUIS QUATORZE

• The item is usually delivered earlier than it shows on the page above.
• ? Trendy and cute design with color scheme.
• ? The mini clutch can be used by removing the inner pouch. The inner pouch can be used as slim zipper wallet.
• ? The product is practical due to its strap on the wrist.
• ? 6 Card Compartment/ 3 Open Compartment/ 1 Zipper

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