Women's Japanese Futakoshi Chirimen Shell Shaped Mini Coin Purse KOMESICHI

main image of KOMESICHI Japanese Futakoshi Chirimen Shell Shaped Mini Coin Purse
Product info:

"Futakoshi Chirimen" is one of the representative textiles conveyed to Japan."Koshi" is unit representing the number of weft yarns, which is woven alternately with one right twist and one left twist, is called "Hitokoshi Chirimen".The one that is driven into two pairs (right twist and left twist) is called "Futakoshi Chirimen"."Futakoshi Chirimen" is more wrinkle than "Hitokoshi Chirimen".There is little difference in size depending on the product.Color might be different from the real depending on the brightness of the monitor.

• Size : 10.5 x 12 x2.5 cm (4.1 x 1 inch)
• Shell : 100% Polyester (Futakoshi Chirimen) / Lining : Cowhide Leather
• Made in Japan *Partly made outside Japan
• *Please acknowledge that the appearance of the handle varies depending on the fabric.
• *Specifications may vary depending on the manufacturing time of this product. (Different colors of metal fittings and lining, tags not attached etc)