Men's Mesh_leather Bi-fold Wallet Sw-36092 SOLATINA

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SOLATINA Sorachina hose leather mesh leather mesh processing bi-fold wallet wallet middle wallet SW-36092 while taking advantage of the leather of texture with facial expression, series of high-quality hose leather gem woven carefully one by one in the handiwork of the (horse leather) . Multi color of riri zipper will flourished as design accents. Such as the card pocket equipped with 10-stage, middle size with very storage capacity. Such as is also provided with partition in the coin case part, functionality is preeminent. Because leather is born gloss increase the depth by knock down, you can use while enjoying the aging. Was involved in the elegant looks and functionality, is staple item of Sorachina, high fashion sensitivity men, of course, is recommendation of items for women.\nProducts will be shipped from Japan.If tariffs are necessary,Customer should bear it.

• Size:W5.51 / H3.74 / D0.98inch
• Weight:0.23lbs
• Horse leather, riri Co. zipper
• Wallet * 2, coin purse (with partition) * 1, card pocket * 10, pocket * 3

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