Women's Parker Zip Continental Wallet TBPZCW6861709 Tory Burch

main image of Tory Burch Parker Zip Continental Wallet TBPZCW6861709
Product info:

Affordable luxury is yours with these Parker Zip Continental Wallet premium leather handbags by Tory Burch Made from the finest materials available with proven eye for current trends bags from Tory Burch are staple of trendsetters from Tokyo to Paris to LA Now you can have the handbag de rigueur coveted by celebrities and socialites without the hefty price tag often attached to designer handbags The unobtrusive elegance of these luxury handbags whispers rather than shouts but its enough to make definite statement Carrying one creates an aura of quiet confidence and displays sense of style that is decidedly chic Everyone loves these designer handbags from fashion-forward city fashionistas to trend-conscious suburbanites Why do people cherish these pieces Maybe its the high-profile Tory Burch label or the quality materials Maybe its the practical and stylish dimensions or maybe its just certain je ne sais quoi Regardless of the reason bags crafted by Tory Burch often become lasting feature in the wardrobes of their owners You demand the best in life so make sure you get the handbag you need to meet your standards Shop this selection of designer handbags online for unbelievable deals on some of the finest products available anywhere in the world

• leather with leather lining
• strapless with strap drop of
• zipper Closure
• Dimensions: 7. W x 4. H x

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