Men's Syner Bi-fold Wallet 312c788 Creed

main image of Creed Syner Bi-fold Wallet 312c788
Product info:

CREED SYNER Creed Sinner wallet two-fold wallet wallet 312C788 Italy and domestic, two types of full tannins by color using the leather distinctive series of "SYNER" two-fold wallet. To accent the brand tag sewn into the front, we finished in antique style. BOX type of bi-fold wallet that fits in the hand is equipped with convenient two wallet to sorting. Use, such as ease of calculated BOX type coin purse, and is also excellent functionality. Because you are not included enough oil to either of leather, aging is very attractive, you will be able to use over long time while enjoying the aging.\nProducts will be shipped from Japan.If tariffs are necessary,Customer should bear it.

• Size:W4.33 / H3.74 / D0.79inch
• Weight:0.22lbs
• Body: LeatherLining: 100% cotton
• Wallet * 2, coin purse * 1, card pocket * 7, pocket * 3

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