Men's Vegan Cork Deluxe Front Pocket Wallet Handmade In California By NIC GIOR

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All of my products are designed and produced in Anaheim, California from the highest quality materials available. My passion for design and deep consideration of the minutest details is what makes NIC GIOR apparel great! The NIC GIOR label was recently founded in the beginning of 2017 with the goal to provide functional, dependable fashion accessories that encompass modern, edgy design. You may be wondering why I might think the world needs another apparel company with so many different options already available. To me, products are like art. As consumers we enjoy all kinds of different art works and what we may enjoy in one piece, someone else may not. I simply think there should be as much art as possible for consumers to choose from and enjoy. Everybody has different taste in what they like, and I'm fortunate enough to show the world what I like as well. What separates NIC GIOR from the competition is my belief that products should be made exclusively by the company that's found on the logo. Today, most companies outsource production or put their logo on private label product that's made from factory overseas. So essentially, lot of apparel companies today are merely just marketing and distribution companies. I want to change that. Therefore, I never outsource, never private label, and always focus the products rather than how they're marketed. That way you know exactly who made your product and why.

• 8 Card Slots & 1 Side Cash/ Coin Compartment.
• Dimensions: Wide, 4. Tall, 1/ Thick.
• Designed and made in Anaheim, California.
• One Year Warranty
• Made with Genuine Cork & Cordura Nylon: Superior water and Abrasion resistance.

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