Women's Bradley Quartz Titanium Watch BR-C-GREEN EONE

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The minimalist face of The Bradley Canvas features raised hour markers brushed in smooth mirrored finish. The pure titanium case body adds an air of elegance and durability to the piece. The wristband is fashioned from dyed canvas strap paired with soft tan leather interior, adding the perfect pop of color to any outfit. The Bradley timepiece features raised hour markers that allow you to feel the time by touch: triangular marker for twelve, elongated line segments for three, six, and nine, and shorter line segments for the other markers. Two magnetized ball bearings travel around the watch face in separate, recessed tracks: one track around the center of the watch face's surface for the minute, and one track around the outside edge of the watch face for the hour.

• Titanium Case
• Modern Design
• Quartz
• Tell time by Touch
• Canvas / Leather strap

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