Men's Ianus Chrono Nux Walnut Wood 42mm Vegan Quartz Watch Chr_nux 9825053 AB AETERNO

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AB AETERNO is an expression that comes from Latin and means """"from the past"""". AB AETERNO watches combine an innovative idea using all natural materials with ancient origins. The Latin name was chosen to evidence the brands Italian heritage, synonymous of tradition and taste, appreciated all over the world. AB AETERNO watches are made with 100% natural materials, recycled and toxin-free. For the production of the first collections AB AETERNO have chosen wood, natural and eco-friendly material, which has been utilised since the beginning of time. In every epoch, wood was commonly used because of its lightness and strength, and for the pleasant feeling of warmth and well-being that no other material is able to give. AB AETERNO is developing new eco-sustainable and recycled materials for the next collections. AB AETERNO is made in Italy manufacturing is synonym of quality and supervision of every single step of the production process, together with design, creativity and innovation. All AB AETERNO watches are Made In Italy, Natural Wood, Hypoallergenic Product, Vegan, Artisanal Product. Movement: AB AETERNO watches are equipped with quartz movement, made with the maximum care and respect to the watchmaking tradition. Each timepiece is carefully assembled and subjected to strict quality controls in order to guarantee that every single component complies with the required standards. Material: Wood is living material, unlike to plastic and iron. Temperature, climate and UV rays have an important role in the wood changing process. Every watch will show the passage of time, as well as with its hands, even by changing its appearance, becoming darker or lighter, unique piece with its own story.

• Natural Walnut Wood
• Vegan Hypoallergenic Product
• Artisanal Product
• Splashproof Water-resistence
• Made & Designed In Italy

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