Women's Metal&wood Watch Maple U-GIW VOWOOD

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Glorious Ivory W was designed to show naturalness of wood color. You can feel the special design of golden watch case with maple wood, which is categorized as "Hard wood" and generally used for instruments, interior decorations, and ornaments.

• Stainless steel : Stainless watch case is designed to appeal polished and elegant curve. it can endure the outside impact
• High-quality Maple wood: High-quality natural wood strap is hand-crafted and specially coated, so it is gently wearable and safe to sweat and water.
• The Ultra-thin watch case: We made ultra thin case with simple design, and it is very light(50g)
• High quality swiss movement: Swiss movement which guarantees high quality is used to supply kernal power more safely.
• All processes, including the cutting of natural wood, trimming, and adjusting all parts of the watch, are done by hand.

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