Women's Natural Dark Light Wooden Watch Multicolo Ladies L8109DM Tense Wood Watches

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Tense Wood Watch L8109DM is made with all natural sandalwood in multicolors including dark and natural and light wood. Womens watch has round face, wooden band with light wood dial face. The watch is hypo-Allergenic, Unique Natural, Elegant, and becomes more glamorous and richer in color the more you wear it. Its feather - like weight is what makes it very comfortable on the wrist. It's handcrafted by master craftsman. Made so no metal touches the skin, or if exposed, Tense uses stainless steel, known to be best for allergies. Every watch is unique and one of kind since wood is variable with each being slightly different. Adjustable with very small screwdriver and comes with directions or take it to your nearest watch shop. Care of watch is considered the same as other wood products. Comes with 24 month warranty. Comes in classy wood looking box, with watch pillow, warranty registration information, and directions for care. Information also includes wood types and care and maintenance instructions. Most woods fro watches are from Africa, India and other exotic areas. All watches are designed and assembled in Canada, and movement is high quality, stainless steel movement from Citizen (Miyota), Japan

• Water resistant, and very light weight and comfortable
• Made of solid wood and becomes better with age from oil in skin
• Each watch is unique with no other one like it due to the natural wood grains
• Stainless Steel movement from Myota(maker of Citizen)
• Natural solid wood from Africa, India and other exotic areas

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