Men's Premier Collection Classy Elegant Wristwatch With Ip Swiss Quartz Movement 7C91G NOBEL

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You can catch an entire room's attention with dandy clothes and sleek NOBEL Classy Elegant Wristwatch. This elegant timepiece boasts luxurious design from the outside onto the inside. The two-tone watch features stainless steel watch-case and bracelet with accentuated IP gold-plated polished links. It features Swiss Quartz Movement, well-known for the excellent calibers and multi-functions. You're assured that the timekeeping is always on point. There is no loss or gain of more than one minute per year with the Swiss Quartz Movement.With the NOBEL timepiece, you don't have to worry about it malfunctioning when rain or any liquid accidentally splashed on it. This wristwatch is equipped with royal blue rotating bezel and marked with 5 ATM water resistance. Rest assured that you can wear this for everyday use without worrying about unwanted scratches thanks to the Sapphire Crystal construction. Sapphire is highly durable and resistant to scratches from other minerals.NOBEL Watch Co. specializes in designing and manufacturing exceptional watches. We combine robust functionality with classy design to fulfill every customer's wants and needs for high-quality timepiece. So why choose NOBEL watch? They are comfortable, luxurious, and truly one-of-a-kind. Buy your very own NOBEL Classy Elegant Wristwatch today!

• ONE-OF-A-KIND LUXURY - The NOBEL Classy Elegant Wristwatch features black dial with striking stainless steel hour markers and rich IP gold case and bracelet links.
• DUAL PURPOSE CLOCK - This timepiece features stainless-steel rotating bezel used for countdown or elapsed time. Not only does the wristwatch tell you the time at the moment, but it also helps in timing your chess game.
• TIMEKEEPING PRECISION - The Swiss Quartz Movement keeps time impeccably, without gaining or losing more than one minute per year.
• RESISTANT TO SPLASHES - The Classy Elegant Wristwatch is rated with 5 ATM water resistance, which means it can withstand liquid splash such as raindrops. This timepiece is suitable for everyday use.
• SCRATCH RESISTANT - The sapphire crystal protects your wristwatch from unwanted scratches. Sapphire is robust and highly resistant to almost every mineral.