Women's Rachel Super Chunky Rose Face Boyfriend Metal Watch RC002 Wristology

main image of Wristology Rachel Super Chunky Rose Face Boyfriend Metal Watch RC002
Product info:

The Rachel Womens SUPER chunky boyfriend watch by WRISTOLOGY makes bold, colorful statement. She features large case in beautifully feminine rose gold, classy blue face embellished with roman numeral index, and matching chunky metal strap. She looks amazing and is the perfect everyday watch! What we have to say about Rachel: Rachel is fearless girl who's ready to take on the world. With her impeccable taste she seldom goes unnoticed and can be found stealing the spotlight without even trying. She walks with purpose and has broad, welcoming smile. She's "take charge" type that empowers those around her. What Rachel has to say: Yes I'm super chunky, but I'll still fit in your cart! - Rachel Be sure to check out what our other customers have said about Rachel! BAND SIZE: Rachel has an adjustable metal band that includes links to fit any wrist from 4- . ABOUT WRISTOLOGY: Design. Quality. Direct. Hi - We're WRISTOLOGY - women's boyfriend watch brand created to change the crazy over-priced, under designed women's watch market. Since the beginning of time, women's watches have basically been "mini version" of man's watch. Over the last decade, watch designers have "branched out" to taking their men's watches and adding feminine detail or two and calling it women's watch. We do things little differently at WRISTOLOGY. We design for pretty, we manufacture for quality and only sell women's watches without middlemen, department store markup or expensive celebrity endorsements. Design. Quality. Direct. To sell all of our styles, click "WRISTOLOGY" in blue above the title at the top of the page.

• Women's super chunky boyfriend watch with classy roman numerals - the perfect everyday go-to watch
• DESIGN - Rachel is SUPER chunky watch with fun colored face options and classy roman numerals
• QUALITY - Our women's boyfriend watches are crafted from quality materials and warranted for 2 years
• DIRECT - We only design womens boyfriend watches and sell them direct from our factory to you.
• LOVE IT GUARANTEE - If you're not in love with your new chunky womens boyfriend watch, sent it back!

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