Men's Re-run Antique Copper Men’s 80s Style Digital Watch 38.5mm. Digital Face Antique Copper Stainless Band A158 NIXON

main image of NIXON Re-run Antique Copper Men’s 80s Style Digital Watch 38.5mm. Digital Face Antique Copper Stainless Band A158
Product info:

MAKING THE LITTLE STUFF BETTER. We make the little things better. The small stuff that can’t be ignored. We pay attention to it. We argue about it. We work day and night to make the little things as good as they can be, so that when you’re wearing our products, you feel like you've got leg up on the rest of the world. STREET STYLE.Reminiscent of 80s street style when time travel seemed possible, the Re-Run is the perfect combination of retro and smart tech features. Water-resistant with jewelry style design, you’ll add mini genius element to your throwback style. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.Nixon’s Supplier Code of Conduct ensures all of our suppliers are adhering to socially-responsible business practices, meaning all products are produced under lawful, humane, and ethical conditions. ACCESSORIES THAT REFLECT WHO WE ARE & THE LIFE WE LIVE. Fueled by adventures far and wide, and sometimes by those that happen unexpectedly, we deliver products that meet your needs. We travel the globe to fully experience life, and those experiences take shape in the things we create. EXPRESS YOURSELF. Style is an extension of who you are. When you wear watch, you deserve to have something that reflects your entire package. We’re here to provide that voice to the personalities and characteristics that can’t be put into words.

• RE-RUN, BLACK/ANTIQUE COPPER. A nostalgic-inspired 80s Nixon design, the black and antique copper Re-Run is an all-digital allstar smart watch that combines digital face with jewelry style band.
• CALCULATOR SMARTS. Reminiscent of an old calculator, the Re-Run offers calendar, alarm, dual time, countdown capabilities, and light on negative display LCD dial. Stay in the know with this timeless classic.
• MOD THROWBACK. The Re-Run watch features throwback curves and contours adding retro appeal to digital functionality. Polyurethane pushers on the front will navigate you through modes.
• FUELED BY ADVENTURES. We deliver products that meet your needs in various high-intensity work and play environments, whether it's across the globe or close to home.
• FOR A LIFE WELL LIVED. Through our dedicated teams perspectives, we contribute to single unified expression: team-designed, custom-built accessories. For life well-lived.

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