Women's Wrist Watch Carve 40mm 7501 Projects

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Since the beginning of time humans have found way to carve their existence into the earth. The Carve Watch Pure Essential Form attempts to do just this by appearing as though its rough outer form was created by ancient stone tools and left to show proof of existence in its most stripped down form. The curved outer glass creates an orb-like viewing window for the time seeker to glance at moment many millennia in the making. The Carve Watch draws its inspiration from Stanley Kubrick's "2001 A Space Odyssey" movie with its pure essential form. The movie references primitive forms found in the abstract; an unknown form, monolith. It is this monolith Carve Speaks to. The Carve Watch displays time using three hands with white tips. The date is shown through an arrowhead opening that has been carved out of the dial of the watch. The Carve Watch is Black Matte IP Stainless Steel Watch with curved lens and available with black leather band with black suede lining. The Carve Watch is designed by Alessio Romano. Carve Watch - Pure Essential Form uses Japanese Miyota movement and is 3 ATM.

• Material: Black IP Stainless Steel • black leather band

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