Men's Wristwatch – Classic Men’s Timepiece With Strap – Smart Solar Powe Water Resistant Watch A41NSL-LT Sundial

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Every Sundial watch is piece of state-of-the-art design, illuminated by science. It has all the benefits of modern quartz movement, without the need for battery changes. A Sundial watch contains solar panel behind the dial which harvests energy from light and stores this energy in rechargeable cell. The stored energy keeps your watch powered for up to 6 months on full charge, and automatically replenishes through exposure to light during everyday wear. This technology delivers benefits that complement your lifestyle perfectly. It's virtually maintenance-free, saving you time and money. Not having to open and reseal your watch avoids exposing the mechanism to air, dust and moisture, thus prolonging the life of the watch and maintaining timekeeping accuracy. A Sundial watch is quite simply beyond smart and brilliantly efficient.

• MAINTENANCE FREE SOLAR POWERED WATCH - Powered by Japanese solar rechargeable movement with 6-month power reserve, this solar rechargeable watch does not need to be opened for battery changes, meaning the delicate mechanism is kept protected from dust and moisture.
• CLASSIC DESIGN - The case in steel with classic leather strap make this timeless looking watch. The Sundial wrist watch is ideal for men who want an everyday watch which looks just as good with business suit as it does with sweater and jeans.
• WATER RESISTANT TO 50 METERS - The ideal watch for swimming, hiking, or family time with the kids. The sealed, water resistant case will withstand rain, splashes and surface swimming, though it is not suitable for deep diving or water sports.
• ACCURATE TIMEKEEPING - A reliable quartz movement delivers accurate timekeeping. Solar energy is stored for up to six months, keeping the watch ticking reliably even if you don't use it every day.
• PEACE OF MIND - Every Sundial watch comes with five year guarantee against mechanical defects, so you can have confidence in your purchase. Each watch comes beautifully presented in branded gift box with warranty and instruction booklet.

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